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Indoor-Pilot supplied U839 Nano Drone Quadcopter

u839 interchangeable-batteries

Interchangeable Batteries

The U839 features a brilliant and unique design property. The batteries in the controller and the drone are interchangeable. This means that when the battery in the drone is almost dead you can replace it with the battery from the controller. Because the controller uses such a small amount  of power, your flight time is effectively doubled!



Lightweight Durable Airframe

Another of this drones remarkable properties is its strength and durability. This is because of the impressively engineered and manufactured air frame. Cast in a single piece and coupled with a quality prop guard and over spec motors this baby is truly awesome. LED’s make for great visuals and the 3 speed controller matches beautifully with this rugged beast. Spare propellers are included in the kit so you are guaranteed many happy hours of flying with ingenious little package.

u839 nano drone excellent-frame

6 Axis Gyro

Excellent Stunt Abilities

Don’t let the apparent small size of this beast fool you. This is an incredibly sophisticated machine masquerading as a toy. This little baby has 2.4 gHz control and features flips and spins in any direction and 3 speed settings (grom, pilot, pro pilot). These drones are a must for anyone who wants to learn how to fly or if you are an experienced pilot these little babies help keep your eye in!

A must for any R/C pilots kit bag



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