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What is the Fuss all about?

Why has it taken so long?

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Flying Drones is fun, its exciting and its addictive.

Unfortunately learning to fly is always expensive and difficult. Drones are costly to buy and they are very prone to breakage. Even the very best pilots will crash and burn on a regular basis. How do you gain the necessary skills to fly a drone with confidence and competence without the agony that comes with the inevitable crashes?

Previously only sheer determination and deep pockets could create the results required to produce quality pilots.

Indoor-Pilot changes all that. We have a purpose built indoor flying arena where aspiring drone pilots can learn, practise and perfect their flying skills.

Until now, it has not been possible to get lessons or practise flying in an economic and safe way/place at a convenient time. At indoor-pilot we hire drones to customers and they learn to fly using our gear in our arena. We have expert staff on standby to help customers with how to fly and how to fly better. This instruction is invaluable in delivering our customers a truly fun experience.

At our indoor-pilot flight centre we use the U839 Nano Drone. This is a fabulous drone for beginners, intermediate and experienced pilots alike. From precision flight to raw speed these mighty drones have it covered. Pilots can choose between 3 flying modes (grom, pilot and pro-pilot), and can select 3 different flying arenas, THE THUNDERDRONE, THE PIT and THE MAZE. Each having different characteristics and requiring different skills. Given the “old school” nature of our drones, every pilot needs to fly without technical pilot aids. There is no altitude hold, no headless mode, no return to home and no replacement for pilot skill.

And Yes, we Sell Drones!

UDI RC U839 Nano Drone Quadcopter best drone to buy online

We believe that after an hour flying in our arena almost anyone will be a competent and confident drone pilot thus enabling them to move on to other drone related pursuits such as pro drone racing or aerial photography. In essence we have taken the $500-$1000 problem that is learning to fly and turned it into a $50 fun solution.

We sell drones from our shop and offer a mobile service. We can come to your premises with a number of drones (5 minimum) and teach you how to fly in your office. At the conclusion of each session the customers keep the drones and they all have a great story to tell of their day. Whether as a circuit breaker for a sales conference or a kids party, the indoor-pilot experience is a hit of fun!

Indoor-pilot offers great value for money and a unique experience.


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